CFP: Investigating (with) Big Data

Investigating (with) Big Data a one-day symposium

Cardiff University
Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Keynote Speakers: Linda Naughton, JISC and Dawn Knight, Cardiff University

Download the PDF here: Big Data CFP

Big Data has provided new ways of empirical research, theorizing, and interpreting a wide range of artefacts and processes in both the humanities and social sciences. Yet these new ways have also affected approaches to, and understandings of, research. The questions (and concerns) raised by scholars have consequences for the collection, interpretation, and use of Big Data. What are the theoretical, practical, and pedagogical problems of working with and critiquing Big Data, its collection, investigation and use? What can the social sciences and the humanities teach each other about Big Data and its analysis?

Sponsored by Cardiff University’s Digital Humanities Network, this one-day symposium seeks to bring both humanities and social science perspectives to the field of Big Data to think about critical uses and useful critiques of ‘datafication’ in humanities and social sciences research. It explores Big Data-based research and investigations, questions surrounding the generation, use and interpretation of Big Data, and the risks and challenges of Big Data.

We welcome proposals for 20 minute papers that examine the theoretical, the practical, and the pedagogical dimensions of creating, using, and critiquing Big Data, including but not restricted to:

·         New research objects for analysis such as digital music, film
·         Constructing big data for research
·         Text- and data-mining of historical and archival material
·         Curation and preservation of big data
·         Big data and archival practice
·         Linked data and Big Data
·         The myths of data-based objectivity and impartiality
·         Characteristics and gaps of data-based epistemologies
·         Discrimination in data analysis
·         Investigating algorithms

The sympoium will be held on 24 May 2017 at Cardiff University

Proposals for should include a brief two-page C.V. and a 300-word abstract of the proposed paper, and are due by 24 April 2017 and we will inform speakers by 2nd May. Submissions and all inquiries should be directed to Michael Goodman

 For more information about Cardiff Digital Network, please see

 Symposium organisers:  Arne Hintz, Anthony Mandal and Keir Waddington


CFP: The Archive Unbound

The Archive Unbound a one-day symposium

Cardiff University
Friday, 5 May 2017

Keynote Speaker: Professor Andrew Prescott, University of Glasgow 

Download the PDF here: The Archive_Unbound CFP

We invite proposals of up to 300 words for 20-minute papers that explore any aspect of the curation, build, (re)mediation and creative re-use of archives, including demonstrations of current projects. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 20th April 2017. Please send proposals or enquiries to Michael Goodman ( Attendance at the Symposium is free and limited to no more than 30 delegates. While non-speaking delegates are welcome, priority will be given to speakers.

Formed in December 2015, and funded by Cardiff University’s College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science, the Cardiff Digital Cultures Network is an interdisciplinary grouping that aims to bring together researchers, creative practitioners and library/museum professionals involved with digital work to share expertise and best practice. As part of our programme of activities, we are hosting four Symposia on various aspects of digital culture, focusing on: Word, Image, Digital (November 2016); The Archive Unbound (May 2017); Creative Economy (April 2017); and Big Data (May 2017). More information about the Network and its events can be found on our website ( and by following us on Twitter (@CUdigitalnet).

Symposium organisers: Hanna Diamond, Jenny Kidd and Anthony Mandal.