Julia Thomas
– The Illustration Archive

The Illustration Archive is the largest online searchable archive dedicated to book illustrations in the world.

Andreas Buerki – N-Gram Processor and SubString

The N-Gram Processor is a set of scripts and a Perl module allowing the creation
and processing of n-gram lists out of text files.

The SubString package is an open-source set of Unix Shell scripts used for substring reduction and frequency consolidation of word n-grams of different length.

Dawn Knight – CorCenCC and WordWanderer

CorCenCC is an inter-disciplinary and multi-institutional project that will create a large scale, open source corpus of contemporary Welsh language. CorCenCC will break new ground both as a language resource and as a model of corpus construction. It will be the first large-scale corpus of Welsh representative of language use across communication types (circa 4m spoken words, 4m written, 2m e-language), genres, language varieties (regional and social) and contexts, with contributors representative of over half a million Welsh speakers in the UK. It will also forge transformative methods for corpus creation, impact and sustainability.

The WordWanderer is a prototype visualization technique that extends tag clouds into a navigational interface for text. The tool supports the gradual movement between word context views, which represent the words co-occurring in the proximity of the selected word, and word-comparison views, which arrange words based on their association strengths between two selected words. We report on the encouraging feedback from a ten-day deployment of the interface and present promising directions for future design and research.

Keir WaddingtonMining the History of Medicine

Keir is on the advisory boards of JISC-Wellcome UK Medical Heritage Library Project and the ‘Mining the History of Medicine’ project run in collaboration with the National Centre for Text Mining and the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester.

Leah Tether – KnowInG Project and Academic Book of the Future

The general objective of KnowInG was to promote and support the knowledge economy and to enhance the cooperation and the encounter among the public institutions, the innovation organizations and the economic actors for the creation of new territorial development policies.

The Academic Book of the Future Project is funded by the AHRC in collaboration with the British Library, and looks at how scholarly work in the Arts and Humanities will be produced, read, and preserved in coming years.

Alan Hughes – 

Alan has been working on digitisation projects at the National Library of Wales for 15 years – his last post included being responsible for NLW Digital Strategy. Past roles included Project Manager for (building the capacity and expertise to digitise 1.1M pages of old newspapers). I also co-ordinated the supply of various content to Europeana.

Johann Gregory – Cardiff Shakespeare

Dr Johann Gregory set up Cardiff Shakespeare in 2010 as a digital resource for those working on Shakespeare related projects  in Cardiff and further afield.