Digital Storytelling

Exploring Patient and Family Experience of Hospitals and Medical Treatment – 18th May, JOMEC, Cardiff Univesity

Jenny Kidd (JOMEC)
Lisa Heledd (Storyworks)
Jenny Kitzinger (JOMEC)

Last week, the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (JOMEC) held a series of public events exploring digital storytelling and the significant impact this mode of expression can have on wider culture and the general public. ‘Exploring Patient and Family Experience of Hospitals and Medical Treatment’, was the most powerful and moving of these sessions and it was also the one that most explicitly demonstrated how digital storytelling can promote and actively encourage change within institutions through suggesting ways that allow professionals working in these institutions to listen to the voices of patients and their families.

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JOMEC Event: Digital Storytelling

Research Seminar: Digital storytelling: exploring patient and family experience of hospitals and medical treatment – Dr JennyKidd, Lisa Heledd Jones & Professor Jenny Kitzinger 
When: 18 May 2016 16:00–18:00
Where: JOMEC BUTE building, King Edward VIIth Av, Room 0.05

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