JOMEC Event: Digital Storytelling

Research Seminar: Digital storytelling: exploring patient and family experience of hospitals and medical treatment – Dr JennyKidd, Lisa Heledd Jones & Professor Jenny Kitzinger 
When: 18 May 2016 16:00–18:00
Where: JOMEC BUTE building, King Edward VIIth Av, Room 0.05

This seminar explores how digital stories can help ‘give voice’ to patient and family experience in health care contexts – seeing institutions and practices through different eyes, supporting patient-centered care and bringing research into dialogue with practice.

Dr Jenny Kidd (author of  ‘Challenging History in the Museum’) will introduce the session with an overview of how digital stories are being used to change our relationship with institutions.

Lisa Heledd Jones (Director of Storyworks UK, will discuss how such stories can bring a different perspective to the landscape of hospitals wards and patient experience.

Professor Jenny Kitzinger (who co-produced the online resource  for families of coma patients) will talk about working with artists and storytellers in ‘translating’  healthcare research and will present her own digital story about catastrophic brain injury.

The formal session runs from 4pm to 5.30pm, with the opportunity for informal discussion continuing afterwards.

A wine reception will follow this event.

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